About Me

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I’m a historical romance author who is a giant nerd about

  • story structure
  • words
  • professional wrestling
  • history
  • the musical Hamilton

I’ve published eight historical romances and a billionty words of fanfiction. My Lively St. Lemeston series has been featured in NPR’s Book Concierge and Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2014.

I love research (I mean, I love it) and strive for accurate, inclusive history.

I’ve taught craft and research workshops for conferences and libraries, as well as online seminars on women in Regency politics. I’ve also been beta reading and critiquing for friends for over a decade, and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it.

Fiction is magic, and it’s also science. I love stories, and I love sticking my hands in them and messing around in there. I’d love for us to tinker with yours together!