I have had both brainstorming and plot/book doctoring sessions with Rose, and they have not only been a pleasure, but also huge learning experiences. Rose goes above and beyond providing insightful feedback. No matter the subject of the book, her comments are always thoughtful and kind, and they have invariably made me consider my story in new and exciting perspectives.

Lydia San Andres

Rose is able to see your story from all angles, including ones you didn’t know existed. The way she understands your characters, and pinpoints what you want to show the reader but have neglected, is genius. Her help getting to the heart of my story was invaluable.

Felicia Grossman

Rose’s feedback on an early draft of The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics was invaluable, and I stand in awe of her clarity of vision and undiluted genius for story and character fixes.

Olivia Waite

Rose is incredibly gifted at identifying the weak joints in a story’s structure, and at explaining the reasons behind her edits. Edits are the best way for me to learn as a new writer, so Rose did me a double service of making my book better and giving me lasting lessons. It was so apparent that she worked hard on my book and was invested in its success.

Rose is a delight to work with, and I’m looking forward to revising with her feedback as my guide!

Elizabeth Everett

What I love most about working with Rose is her enthusiasm and her investment in the story and characters. She is a great listener and brings not only her brain to her work, but her heart, too.

Tessa Dare

I have NEVER had such a complete, insightful read of a manuscript.

Joanna Bourne

I cannot recommend Rose Lerner’s services enough! As a researcher she is impeccable and thorough, and as a book doctor she offers top-notch nuanced feedback. She has mastery of big picture solutions and small detail work. The book she helped me with was made so much better by her careful, intelligent and joyful feedback.

Molly O’Keefe