Thank you SO MUCH for your detailed feedback and suggestions. I was worried because I didn’t totally know what a beta read was before this, but it was really exactly what I needed—almost like a class on writing. I had no clue how to plot out something completely character driven until I read over and over again what you said about goals. Having that focus makes the writing process less overwhelming. I think this whole experience will improve my writing tremendously.

Skyler Mason

Working with Rose was a blast! Her mastery really shone as she helped point out what was working with my story as well as what could be improved (with examples!). I’d absolutely recommend anyone to work with her.

Scott Walker

Much of what Rose brought up were issues that I had vague senses about but didn’t know how well or poorly they read. She has a way of seeing the problems and clearly articulating them in ways I can understand. I know I’ll be a better writer for working with her.

Tammy Andresen

The Missing Page was like ten trillion times better after Rose made me think about things. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Cat Sebastian

What I love most about working with Rose is her enthusiasm and her investment in the story and characters. She is a great listener and brings not only her brain to her work, but her heart, too.

Tessa Dare

Rose is a thoughtful, meticulous editor and with each note I implemented of hers, I could see how much stronger it made my story. She also has an excellent instinct for emotional beats and character building, helping me create richer scenes. Rose carefully questioned my worldbuilding, making sure the world in my head was well represented on the page. I cannot recommend her enough as an editor, and would absolutely work with her again.

Lish McBride

Working with Rose was tremendously helpful! I approached her to help me brainstorm on a crime-fiction manuscript. Her insightful questions and enthusiasm unstuck my creativity and gave me great ideas of where to take the story next. I would highly recommend her!

Kat Latham

Even though it’s not her primary genre, I went to Rose with a fantasy novel I was feeling a bit out to sea with, and her profound insight on character motivation and storytelling fundamentals were exactly what I needed. I walked away from our brainstorming session knowing exactly what parts of the book weren’t working, and bursting with ideas on how to fix them.

Matt Youngmark

Rose’s knowledgeable and thoughtful suggestions are incomparable.

Erica Ridley

I have had both brainstorming and plot/book doctoring sessions with Rose, and they have not only been a pleasure, but also huge learning experiences. Rose goes above and beyond providing insightful feedback. No matter the subject of the book, her comments are always thoughtful and kind, and they have invariably made me consider my story in new and exciting perspectives.

Lydia San Andres