My base rates are $42/hour for editing, $54/hour for research assistance, and $72/hour for book doctoring services.

I bill in 10-minute increments, with a $10/meeting surcharge for video chat.

I also have by-the-word and flat-rate pricing for a few standard options, explained below.

Book doctoring typically encompasses work where I am offering you brief, focused support during the writing process, rather than reading a finished manuscript. It includes things like brainstorming sessions, talking through your plot, problem solving about writer’s block, giving feedback on an outline, or helping you get unstuck.

I can also do recurring meetings (for example, once a month) if you’re looking for ongoing support, brainstorming, or accountability! Repeat clients receive a free half-hour for every 4.5 hours of paid consultation (the equivalent of a 10% discount applied retroactively).

If you aren’t sure where your project falls, or if you want a mix of services, let’s discuss!

If you would like to schedule a phone or Zoom book-doctoring call with me, I have some slots on Thursday and Friday afternoons that you can reserve and pay for online. (Other times and platforms are available, though, just get in touch!)

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Some things I can do:

Book Doctoring and Editing

  • give you a beta read of a completed manuscript (any level of detail, it’s up to you!)
  • read a partial draft and help you get unstuck with your characters or plot
  • brainstorm with you via text-chat, phone, or video call (there is a $10 surcharge for video calling)


I offer this option so you can have a clearer idea of what you’ll be paying. It’s completely at your discretion; if you want a more personalized option, I’m happy to charge by the hour!

Basic beta read or developmental edit: I write a detailed general response, but don’t leave comments on the manuscript. $0.0072/word.

Detailed edit: A detailed general response plus light line-by-line suggestions and comments. Appropriate for a clean manuscript that has already been through some revisions. $.0125/word.

Deep detailed edit: A detailed general response plus in-depth line-by-line suggestions and comments. Appropriate for an unrevised manuscript, or if you like a LOT of feedback. $.0175/word.


  • fact-check a manuscript for anachronisms and historical errors
  • create a list of books/resources for you on a topic
  • answer questions via email

If you have a topic you need help researching, but you aren’t sure how much help, sometimes it makes sense to book a block of time to start, and then go from there—for example, usually in an hour or two I can find a few resources/leads for you and get a sense of the project’s scale. At that point, we can create a plan of action together. Or, try the…


I offer this option so you can have a clearer idea of what you’ll be paying and what you’ll be getting. It’s completely at your discretion; if you want a more personalized option, I’m happy to charge by the hour!

If you know you need to learn about a topic but you have no idea where to start, this may be the right choice for you. I’ll…

  • email you a list of simple questions to help me understand what you’re looking for
  • put together a list of 15 or more books, articles, and websites on your topic
  • schedule a half-hour conversation (your choice of text-chat, voice, or video) to talk through the list and help you create a plan of action. We can also discuss how to access the resources not freely available online.

Price: $200

My specialties are Regency, Georgian, and Revolutionary War. Within Regency/Georgian, I’ve done a lot of research on politics and Anglo-Jewish life. But I’m up for anything!

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Want something that’s not on this list? Get in touch and we’ll talk!


(Updated March 2023)

It’s always okay to ask! I usually have space for short-term projects like book doctoring sessions and focused research projects. 2023 is filling up fast for full manuscript reads. I have openings for new clients with full- and novella-length projects starting May 1, 2023.

I am also on Reedsy if that is more convenient for you!

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