Q: How long will it take you to read my book?

A: It depends on your book! Generally, for a detailed edit on a fairly clean manuscript, I estimate 1.5 – 2 hours per 10,000 words.

Q: What about turnaround time?

A: If there is nothing else on my plate, I estimate a week per 30,000 words. If I have other stuff going on, it will take longer.

If you need something faster, I can sometimes accommodate you. I may ask you to pay a rush fee. You are always welcome to ask!

If you know you will need a quick turnaround, I recommend getting in touch with me as far in advance as possible. That way, I can block out time for your project on my calendar, and avoid scheduling competing projects.

I will work with you to meet timelines and deadlines if I can! But keep in mind that you will get more complete, creative feedback if you give me longer to let your story percolate in my brain.

Q: Do you do Jewish sensitivity reads?

A: No. That simply isn’t something I’m good at. (But I am always thrilled to help with Jewish history research and/or to answer questions!)

If I were hiring an Ashkenazi Jewish sensitivity reader for myself, I would definitely choose Katherine Locke. I really trust their judgment both about books and about Judaism.

If your Jewish character is Sephardi, Aleksei Valentin read “All or Nothing” for me and I recommend him without reservation. You can get in touch with him at valentinaleksei (at) gmail (dot) com.

Q: Can you put me in touch with agents or publishers?

A: No. I barely know any agents or editors anyway! I help people with their books, not their careers.

Q: Do you do copyediting or proofreading?

A: No. I highly recommend Kim Runciman of Night Vision Editing! She has great judgment and good general historical knowledge.

Q: What if I book a project with you, and I don’t turn it in on time?

A: I understand that life happens, and that creativity can’t always be scheduled! I promise I won’t be mad if you are late. Just do your best to keep me in the loop, and be honest about what’s going on and what you need. I’ll offer you options for how to adjust the timeline.

Depending on what else is on my calendar, I may need extra time and/or I may ask for a rush fee. (My basic policy with rush fees is that if doing something creates stress or inconvenience for me, I ask for one to offset that cost. It is always your choice to accept or not! I will never charge a rush fee without your prior agreement.)